Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Mysterious Spring Biscuit

Who am i? I believe some people are wondering.

Why should we follow this site? Hold on…. Let’s make it simple shall we?

Well, be frank it is normal for people who have doubt, whether the creditability and reliability of a reviewer.

I myself wouldn’t consider a superb reviewer, I don’t provide long wall of text, I don’t show graph, I don’t do much comparisons.

I tend to keep things simple, makes the reading easily digest by everyone, it doesn’t matter the readers are audiophile, or people just finding a good pair of earphone without much background in headphone industry.

I try not to do comparison, because it basically generates one-sided feel, don’t you think?
I prefer reader to use my blog as an understanding of head/earphone sound signature, rather than pure “Which is the head/earphone best in the range of xxxx”.
I wouldn’t conclude A is better than B, everyone has their own taste of music and preference, and every earphone does have their own supporters.

What is my history then?

All right, I myself who played audio product (headphone & earphone) for the past 5 years.
On and off I do buy + sell to experience different types of head/earphone. Luckily, recently year I met a group of “audiophiles” who are obsessed with equipment, and I’m able to loan gears from them for personal enjoyment + Review usage.  

Happy ending aren’t we?

I don’t have a propensity to become top, but I like share my experience to everyone, whether are they accurate? Well, it’s my personal preference, what say you?

By the Way, Final Audio Design Review coming soon, stay tune!!!

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