Sunday, 10 June 2012

The AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio, DJ and Studio? (Video)

I had tried AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ before, frankly they did a great job on fulfilling that name, the "DJ" series really able to perform well in track songs such as trance, techno, house and so on.

Brand popularity wise? Well they are famous across the region, however in Malaysia, i believe extra efforts can be added, only small amount people who obsessed with head/earphone will know them.

From DJ to Studio?
In my experience, Studio headphone usually related to "Flat" frequency respond, it's actually sort of an easy term to describe them E.g accurate, balance, uncoloured.
I wonder how will they sound in a pair of Non-studio ear.


*The TMA-1 Studio Now Available for Pre-order
Yes, we're finally releasing the beast. The new AIAIAI headphones designed specifically for the on-the-go producer/musician will be shipped on the 20th of June.
The TMA-1 Studio was born out of necessity. Where we prevoiusly sought to fill the need for a particular kind of durable, great-sounding DJ Headphone with the TMA-1, the TMA-1 Studio is our response to the needs of today's frequently traveling producers and musicians.
Designed by longtime collaborators, KiBiSi, and engineered in cooperation with one of Scandinavias' most prominent producers and sound engineers, Jon Schumann, the latest addition to the AIAIAI headphone family provides durability for the road, comfort over longer periods of time for producing, and a meticulously engineered sound design suitable for mixing on the laptop. Where the TMA-1 enhances the DJ performance, the TMA-1 Studio enriches the music production experience.
At the core of the TMA-1 Studio is a 40mm titanium driver insulated and filtrated by the most advanced speaker materials available. From the voice coil, to the yoke, magnet and speaker diaphragm, the TMA-1 Studio achieves crisp highs without compromising its ability to deliver rich mids and deep lows.
The design also takes the different situations in which headphones are used into account - from long studio sessions to just being on the road and recording. What's more, it offers two types of easily changeable and different over-ear cushions. Each cushion is connected to a specially designed cushion plate.
The one piece TMA-1 Studio headband is designed to provide the functionality of a DJ headphone headband but also to strip it down to the bare essentials. This ensures a stronger and more durable product, which can withstand daily use for a considerable length of time. The TMA-1 Studio is equipped with a new PU headband padding, which is softer, more durable and extra comfortable to wear over longer periods of time.
* 40mm titanium driver, which has been tweaked for a more neutral, reference listening-friendly sound
* Over-ear PU cushions that makes details stand out in full clarity
* PU headband padding, which is softer, more durable and extra comfortable to wear over longer production sessions.
The new studio headphones from AIAIAI thus represent robust and thoroughly crafted audio technology for the frequently traveling, professional DJ/ producer who needs headphones that can perform while on the road, at the airport or in the air.
Transducer Principle: Dynamic, closed
Driver Unit Size: 40 mm
Impedance: 32±15% Ohm
Load Rating: 0.07 W
Frequency Response: 20 to 20.000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.3%
Sensitivity: 110±3dB
Weight without cable: 220 Gram
AIAIAI's Research & Development Specialist, Jon Schumann, talks about the TMA-1 Studio
Please place your orders at our pre-order page. US customers: for speedier delivery, head on over to the Ghostly International webstore.

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