Saturday, 18 August 2012

Beyerdynamic XP Series XP3

Hi guys,

whoever in Audiophile section, will know that beyerdynamic has been a great headphone manufacturer for past many years. They are the inventor of first dynamic headphone DT48, and continue innovate their technology into current Tesla system.

I always wonder why they never put attention into their IEM line, do they hate IEM? Or they are not expert in IEM design.
Don’t get me wrong, they do sell earphone, model such as DTX101, DTX71iE, MMX101 iE are selling well, but not as good as their headphone series, and people usually don’t recommend them as the “value for money”, “hot and great” compare with their headphone line.

So today, they popped out a brand new series, the “XP” series, not exactly sure what’s that mean, but I’m quite surprise by their design concept.
3 models with same price and design but different sound, it looks familiar that you can see in the market such as Superlux and V-sonic GR02 which going for multiple sounds, while XP series going for bass, balance and clear design.

I picked up a XP3 from Jaben, not too much of a bass fan, so I get the clear version for my liking.