Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fostex A8C with Beyerdynamic T1 in a day or 2

Hi Guys,

So long without any updates, now i'm able to get on hold with Beyerdynamic T1 and Fostex latest A8C, they are in my home ready to be reviewed.

First impression = Extraordinary

i was preparing to do a separate review for both of them, however it's too hassle and planning to combine them together.

The Spring Biscuit

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Crazy Deals.... i don't even believe it..

Just spotted this when i back from vacation.
Awesome deals!!
Whoever is thinking of an upgrade or looking to enter audiophile world, this is your best chance!!
Hope i can get the PFE012 for my friend.
*Equipment for camping - Ready!

See you guys at there!

How valid is Jaben malaysia?

Have a look on them : 

Spring Biscuit

Beyerdynamic T70p and T1 next 2 weeks... Hopefully

Sorry for the slow upgrade, i haven been around for vacation, enjoying life for some times.

My Friend is getting a Burson Audio Amplifier next week, It should be the latest Soloist.
Keep my finger crossed, i should be able to get his set up for review purpose.

It will be :
PC Laptop --> Lavry Engineer DA11 DAC --> Burson Audio Soloist Amplifier --> Beyerdynamic T1/T70

Stay tune for more!!!