Thursday, 28 June 2012

Final Audio Piano Forte II - A short review


So sorry for the delay, I promised to have at least a review each week, but seem I broke it.
Today review will seem pretty unexpected, it was a free gift my friend when he bought a bundle set from Jaben Malaysia.

It’s from one of my favorite brand, Final Audio Design, Piano Forte II model. Surprisingly, this earbud is their cheapest model in product line, however Piano Forte series is their top end category.

I did have a quick go through on google for all relevant reviews, what I get was positive + negative impressions spreading around, so I decided to give it a go, considering myself recognize deep enough on final audio product signature.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Final Audio Heaven IV - The long awaited

Hi Everyone,

Finally as promised, I’m able to squeeze out some time for the first impression on Final Audio Design Heaven IV. The model is fairy new to the market, it shouldn’t be more than 4 months if I’m not wrong with the time period between announcement and launch.

This time it will be a model with their special tuned “BAM” driver technology instead of dynamic in adagio II and V, and it is the second cheapest model for BAM driver beside Adagio III.(Correction, it is actually a sound tuning mechanism, the BAM tuning actually is to reduce the unwanted air resonance inside the housing, and provide the most live sounding induced into the earphone.) I will give an explanation why I love this brand a lot, and willingly to do full range review for all their products in Conclusion.

All right, to cut long story short, let’s go straight to our standard review procedure.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Mysterious Spring Biscuit

Who am i? I believe some people are wondering.

Why should we follow this site? Hold on…. Let’s make it simple shall we?

Well, be frank it is normal for people who have doubt, whether the creditability and reliability of a reviewer.

I myself wouldn’t consider a superb reviewer, I don’t provide long wall of text, I don’t show graph, I don’t do much comparisons.

I tend to keep things simple, makes the reading easily digest by everyone, it doesn’t matter the readers are audiophile, or people just finding a good pair of earphone without much background in headphone industry.

I try not to do comparison, because it basically generates one-sided feel, don’t you think?
I prefer reader to use my blog as an understanding of head/earphone sound signature, rather than pure “Which is the head/earphone best in the range of xxxx”.
I wouldn’t conclude A is better than B, everyone has their own taste of music and preference, and every earphone does have their own supporters.

What is my history then?

All right, I myself who played audio product (headphone & earphone) for the past 5 years.
On and off I do buy + sell to experience different types of head/earphone. Luckily, recently year I met a group of “audiophiles” who are obsessed with equipment, and I’m able to loan gears from them for personal enjoyment + Review usage.  

Happy ending aren’t we?

I don’t have a propensity to become top, but I like share my experience to everyone, whether are they accurate? Well, it’s my personal preference, what say you?

By the Way, Final Audio Design Review coming soon, stay tune!!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio, DJ and Studio? (Video)

I had tried AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ before, frankly they did a great job on fulfilling that name, the "DJ" series really able to perform well in track songs such as trance, techno, house and so on.

Brand popularity wise? Well they are famous across the region, however in Malaysia, i believe extra efforts can be added, only small amount people who obsessed with head/earphone will know them.

From DJ to Studio?
In my experience, Studio headphone usually related to "Flat" frequency respond, it's actually sort of an easy term to describe them E.g accurate, balance, uncoloured.
I wonder how will they sound in a pair of Non-studio ear.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Denon.. Tradition is no more

Denon Headphones are always one of my favourite, previous models such as D2000 headphone and C710 earphone are what make my music experience different. They have exquisite design, from the Wooden D7000 flagship till AHD1100, these are the one falls into my "luxury" line of choice.
No doubt, changes are inevitable, recently denon annouced their new 11 models featuring IOS app integration.
Mainly designed for different usage, such as sport, airplane, audiophile etc.... which pre-designed IOS software for each of them.
What do they do? have a look in here engadget

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Phonak Audeo PFE012 (Review)

Hey everyone, as schedule from our review list, I’m going to bring you Phonak Audeo PFE012.
Well this earphone is not big news in the industry, it has been existed for quite some times, users come and go, however I feel that this earphone earns another new observation, especially to all Malaysians, you guys should deserve this fine piece of art!!