Sunday, 27 May 2012

New Pictures.. New Upcoming Review List

Hi Everyone,

Finally i'm able to snatch my friend camera and have a close shoot up with the product i reviewed, it seem more  original while i using my own picture.

Besides, i had added a New upcoming review list beside, which can show what product i'm going to review soon.

Some readers have been pmed me where to try and get the final audio design earphone in Malaysia, i had a research, so far only Jaben Malaysia selling them, and they provide demo testing too, if you like to try out the sound, please head over to

Enjoy the picture below, although it might not looks awesome to Camera pro here, but hey i'm still learning!!

The Spring Biscuit

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Final Audio Design Adagio V - The Unexpected

Hi Guys,

this is my second review on a new earphone, just in time that my friend is looking for a good earphone, I w
as recommend him to look for this Final Audio Design brand.

He loves detail, clarity type of earphone, and mostly enjoys vocal, acoustic music type.
And hey!! He picked a final audio adagio V!!

I didn’t expect this will happen, but well, i got his permission to loan the unit and do a review (Hope final audio design will pay me commission for this =P).

he did a intensive 100 hours burn in, which save up my time to do for him, so I can do a quick jock up what is the advantages/disadvantages in this earphone.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Beyerdynamic coming soon...

Luckily, i had a friend who are obsessed with Music headphone too, he promised to let me review his latest T70 and Flagship T1.

I'm Happy like a ramming sheep!!!

Stay tune for more review!!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Final Audio Design Adagio II Review

Hi Everyone,

just want to have a share of experience with you guys about my recently new bought earphone, it’s from Final Audio Design Adagio II.

When I stumble across this brand from the audio store, it shocked me. “What the hell is this brand? I had never heard before”
*I was looking at Shure or Sennheiser that time after god knows how long on review reading.

I quickly do some research on the brand through internet, sadly not much information provided, and most of them are written in japs.

After some intensive couple of hours listening and comparing between Shure,Sennheiser, klipsch and  jays,  I finally play my bet and place money on the table for this new baby.

Well, I’m no pure audiophile music listener, so my music collection mostly on everything, modern pop, R&B, metal, acoustic, vocal, smooth jazz etc..  hopefully my review will be readable for everyone.

In this review I will be using Ipod Classic direct use with earphone, no EQ will be set as I want to keep the sound as original as possible.


First Time Blog

Hi everyone, this is my first time blogging, and hope my titles can create a new reference for everyone.
I will be posting review/impression about new audio product i tried in my audio journey, intensive testing and comparison will be posted, and hope whoever reading this blog can use this as a choosing guide.

The Spring Biscuit